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About Us

2nd Call®’s goal is to ultimately make all excavation / digging projects safe, hazard free and without risk of injury by providing access and availability to secondary (private) and / or a variety of alternate underground line locating services.

2nd Call® specializes in providing underground locates before your next digging project. We locate all types of buried facilities including oil/gas pipelines, water/sewage lines, electrical, telecommunication, cable television lines etc. To ensure your safety and the safety of others around your area, always have your underground facilities located by one of 2nd Call®’s trained and certified staff. Safe digging is only a 2nd Call® away, so call us today..


2nd Call® was formed to make the public more aware of unregistered underground lines / underground hazards and the importance of having them located before any ground disturbance project. Unregistered lines are lines that are not registered with your local One Call Centre. Examples of these lines would be unmapped and / or abandoned utility lines, underground power from a house to a garage, water and sewer lines entering and leaving your house that are on private property, underground sprinkler systems, and more. Underground lines that come onto your property and up to a meter such as your gas or power meter are primary lines and therefore the responsibility of the utility companies that own them. Any lines that run after a meter are customer / privately owned facilities. These types of lines that are customer / privately owned are the responsibility of the property owner and it is the property owner’s responsibility to have the lines located. Call your local 2nd Call® Centre to improve your safety by having one of 2nd Call®’s professionals perform a check for all underground lines and underground hazards in your dig area.

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