Monday, April 15, 2024 01:51

Call the Professionals For All Of Your UnderGround Locating Needs!


To Be OSHA / OH&S compliant more than one call must be made.

OSHA / OH&S requires that all underground lines and all underground hazards be identified and marked out before any ground disturbance take place.

*SEE your local Occupational Safety & Health legislation for details.


Before excavating always contact One Call.

A One Call locate request should be submitted to your local One Call Centre to have the underground lines that are registered with One Call located and marked out in a dig area.

*CAUTION Underground lines and underground hazards not registered with the One Call System will not be located and marked out.


ALWAYS make a 2nd call !

A 2nd Call® locate request should be submitted for your safety, for the safety of other underground facilities that may be in the area, and to be OSHA / OH&S compliant as One Call does NOT locate all of the possible underground lines and underground hazards in a dig area.


2nd Call® believes in helping to provide safety through underground line locating and creating public awareness which aids in underground damage prevention to help protect the excavator, the public and property from harm.

2nd Call® used under license from 2nd Call Franchising